Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Skateboarder Groom's Cake

When my friend Leslie hired me to do her fiance's groom's cake, I was all over it. Ideas floated around in my head. I looked around online to see what other people did for skater cakes and not much came up. There were a few cakes in the shape of skateboards, but that is not what Leslie requested.
Eric is a skateboarder and she wanted a cake with a sunken pool, rails, etc.

Finally, I found my inspiration by looking at pictures of an actual skate park. That's where I saw they painted red around the pools, set up cones, had half and quarter pipes, and it was mostly gray, black, and red. Voila, I saw the cake in my head and got started making the boy and the other gum paste pieces about three weeks ahead of time.
I'm very happy with this cake. It was my biggest cake challenge yet! And I owe thanks to YouTube for teaching me how to sculpt the little guy's face. :)

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