Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Sexy Cake Pop

This is the story of how the sexy cake pop was born. Cake pops are a craze sweeping the nation, thanks to Bakerella. She is the mastermind of the cake pop. They are fun to make, fun to eat, kids love them, adults love them.

Of course I had to try making them! I love making anything out of cake! My perfect excuse was my kids' birthday party.

I described them on facebook and posted this picture of me for my friend Jamie.

Jamie, in her excitement over the cake pop, re posted the picture on her profile. It was then my duty to send her a few cake pops in the mail.

Jamie is a professional photographer. The surprise was returned to me with these amazing photographs, featuring the lovely Lanee Lu and my cake pop!

And that is the story of how the cake pop became America's sexiest dessert.