Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tangled Cake

My daughter turned 5 last week. For a year she asked for Dora cake, which she got on her brother's birthday. Their birthdays are so close together we sort of combined celebrations on his birthday since Dad was home from work.

They were both excited about the Dora cake. On Charis' actual birthday, she recieved a Tangled cake. It's by far her favorite movie.

She asked for pink, purple, and flowers. We used a Repunzel ornament for the topper.


Yia Yia said...

Using the ornament was a great idea! The cake is very pretty.

Dede Wilson said...

Hi! Im posting here in hopes that you will see my post. I just found your blog and saw your comment on my work and that you used some of my recipes for the anniversary cake below. THANK YOU for your kind words and I am always thrilled to see pictures of what readers have made

Dede Wilson

Tiers of Joy said...

Dede Wilson! You made my day and I can't believe you looked at my blog. Thank you and thank you for the inspiration your books bring to my kitchen.